Thermostats and Controls Ottawa

Thermostats and Controls Ottawa

Are You Paying Too Much On Your Hydro Bills?

Than It’s Time To Put Your Thermostats and Controls To Work

Did you know? 50-70% of your home energy use is directly related to your heating and cooling system.

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Did you know? As of January 2014, the OBC 2012 (Ontario Building Code) states that all new thermostats installed will have to be programmable.

Cutting back on the amount of energy you use can translate into big cost savings – and with the latest Wi-Fi enabled thermostats and controls, you can do it without sacrificing comfort. In fact, using a Wi-Fi enabled comfort control can accumulate to 24% savings on heating and 22% on cooling in one year!

Now you can access your home heating and cooling system on-the-go from your computer at work, smart phone or tablet while you are away specially on vacation, or want to warm up or cool down before you arrive at your winter chalet. Well, did we mention it is not just an ordinary thermostat any more, but a complete smart technology which can be used to track your energy savings year round, and also remind you about maintenance on your home heating and cooling system.

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Digital programmable, Wi-Fi capable controller puts comfort in every room of your house. Compatible with multi stages of heating and cooling, these home digital thermostats will keep your home comfortable day in and day out. Also offers Wi-Fi capable controllers that do more than just heating and cooling controls for your home. View products for further details.

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Although ordinary thermostats and controls are still widely used, but if you have internet at home and have internet access while away from home, you will most definitely see energy saving results in short period of time when you choose a Wi-Fi capable thermostat.

At Impressive Climate Control we offer from top thermostat brand names such as Trane, Honeywell, White Rogers, Ecobee, lennox and more as well as controls for Air Exchangers and Humidifiers such as vanEE, Aprilaire, Honeywell and other indoor air quality products.

To find out which thermostat is the right one for your use you can visit our showroom or contact us to speak with one of our friendly energy saving advisers today.

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