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American Standard Air offers higher standard of comfort and quality. That’s because the pursuit of efficiency, reliability and comfort goes into every air conditioning and gas furnaces that American Standard makes.  From ultra-quiet motor, stainless steel heat exchanger and cabinets down to smallest screws are built to deliver a higher standard of comfort in mind for you and your family. Whether it’s the Platinum, Gold or Silver Series, every American Standard Air Conditioner and furnace is built with a higher standard in the HVAC industry.

American Standard Goes Back a Century

For more than a century, families have trusted American Standard Heating and Air conditioning to keep their homes comfortable. Today, home comfrot systems offered by American Standard continue to push the boundaries of efficiency and performance, while still delivering on a proud history of quality, durability and substantial value. Welcome your family home to a higher standard and comfrot. From American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning.

Savings with American Standard Air Condtioning and Furnace

Beilieve it or not, two-thirds of the energy you use goes towards heating and cooling. Fortunately, an efficient American Standard Heating & Air Condtioning could have a significant impact on your energy consumption, which also helps to lower your carbon footprint. Based on Save on Energy organization, you could save up to $325.00 annually when upgrading to high efficiency air conditioner and furnace.

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