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The Kind Of BBQ & Grills

Barbecues come in a variety of styles and BTUs, but choosing the right BBQ & Grills are oddly important to provide you with performance and durability. Whether considering a portable free standing BBQ or a built-in grill for your outdoor cooking, they come in either gas or propane for convenience and different BTU outputs to satisfy your grilling needs.

As a premium Vermont Castings dealer offering exclusively the signature series, you can be sure to find quality, expert service and advise when choosing your barbecue.

What makes a Vermont Castings Grill different?

SIGNATURE SEAR PLATES redirect grease and juices away from flames distributing heat evenly across the entire cooking surface for optimal temperature control.

Exclusive CAST IRON END CAPS and EXTRA DEEP FIREBOX help maintain heat to lock in flavors and keep food amazingly moist.

Quality 300 TRUE STAINLESS STEEL resists rust better than grills made with lower grades.

EASYFLAME IGNITION SYSTEM uses a single source to ignite every burner, so each one lights safely and consistently the first time.

The beautiful LED DISPLAY brightly illuminates the controls, making it easy to grill at any time.

There are plenty of other options available to explore such as charcoal barbecue grills also known as charcoal smoker from top of the line brands such as Saffire Smoker.

Impressive Fireplace Centre is Ottawa’s premier Fireplace & BBQ store offering BBQ assembly and delivery in our service area. If you are looking for replacement parts than you are in the right place as well.

Yes a Vermont Castings BBQ will surly impress even a first time griller. Browse our BBQ products below and better yet is to visit our fireplace & BBQ store to find the grill that is calling your name.