DRU Fireplaces Canada

DRU Fireplaces Canada

Dru fireplaces used to carry many gas fireplaces in Canada about 30 years ago. They started manufacturing since 1760’s in Netherlands. Name of the company is called De Koninklijke Diepenbrock en Reigers of Ulft or, in short, DRU.

It all started out as a blast furnace, producing numerous products from cast iron. Their pots and pans are still well known today. When natural gas was discovered in the Netherlands at the beginning of the 1960s, DRU switched to producing gas fires and wall heaters. Their company is now one of the oldest industrial companies in the Netherlands.

Atmospheric and durable

DRU Fireplaces Canada

DRU Fireplaces Canada

The DRU brand is renowned throughout Europe for its contemporary gas fires, functional gas wall heaters and innovative fireplace technology.
The brand is closely associated with the balanced flue system, which allows gas fires to be installed with or without a chimney. This was developed by DRU in the 1960s and is the basis for many thousands of gas appliances today.

Their motto is ‘designed to be different’, which reflects the distinctive designs of its modern gas fires and the innovative technology behind all of its products.

Renowned DRU quality for homes on a budget

DRU Global gas fires offer all the benefits of a quality DRU fires, but at a prices that are affordable for the average household. They have imaginative designs with robust engineering standards and are built to last for years and years to come.

The Global gas fires are available in hole-in-the-wall, 2 and 3-sided and freestanding versions. There are also models with custom-designed fire surrounds, outer frames and even a cavity wall fire that can be installed into a brick wall or pre-cast flue.

Creation of flames

DRU acquired Dik Geurts in 2007, with the intention of entering the fast-growing wood burning stove market.

Dik Geurts was an established manufacturer and well-known brand for contemporary wood stoves in the Netherlands. Since the acquisition by DRU, its name has become well-known in the UK and throughout Europe.

Products now produced under the Dik Geurts brand include wood fires and stoves, such as Ivar and Instyle that are designed specifically for UK homes, with practical features, Class 1 chimney compatibility and DEFRA approval.