Do you need to get your firebox WETT Certified?

A WETT Inspection is required once you move into a new home that has a masonry firebox also called a wood-burning fireplace. For some people, they may require a visual safety check and fireplace inspection prior to purchasing a home.

If these descriptions explain your requirement, you can book for a WETT Inspection and certification, to determine if the wood-burning firebox meets current regulations and safety.

If you are a current homeowner using a brick masonry fireplace and you are experiencing smoke spillage, rapid creosote accumulation, or a damaged firebox whether interior or exterior, you should book for a WETT inspection.

NOTE: A WETT Certified professional is an active member of Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. which requires continuing education and updates to meet the WETT certification standards.

How much does a WETT Inspection cost?

It basically costs a nominal service fee. Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you to book a WETT Certification and a basic home inspection.