Furnace Sales Ottawa

Furnace Sales Ottawa

Are You Tired of Paying High Price on Hydro?

Of course, as a homeowner, you are looking to save on energy bills without compromising your family’s comfort. Replacing your old and inefficient furnace with a high-efficiency furnace will reduce your energy consumption and save on your hydro bills. Plus you can receive a government rebate of up to $650 under the Save on Energy program on qualifying high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners.

Have You Had Enough of Furnace Repairs?

So you have been paying for your furnace repairs and still you are experiencing problems with your furnace. Our recommendation is to do and schedule maintenance on your furnace to prepare for the upcoming season and prevent a furnace breakdown during the cold wintertime

Are you switching from oil, electric, or propane to natural gas?

Switching to gas could not get any easier, we will simply apply for a gas meter from Enbridge Distribution and it takes around 7 to 12 weeks for Enbridge to install your gas meter. Don’t forget that Enbridge has a cutoff date which normally falls around mid-October. Your best bet is to apply ahead of time to avoid the cutoff period depending on the area you live in.

What’s the deal on Furnace Sales Ottawa?

You will receive up to 1000 dollars in Trade-In Allowance or 0% APR Financing for up to 72 months on qualifying high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners. Call our office today to learn more about furnace sales in Ottawa.

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