Heating Products Ottawa

Heating Products Ottawa

Ottawa’s cold climate accounts for two thirds of the energy we use in our homes for heating. No wonder we look to efficient heating products when we think of energy savings.

Impressive Climate Control offers many space heating options—furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, high velocity heating, fireplaces — and a choice of different energy sources, e.g., oil, gas, propane, wood or electricity. Some of us even use two or more types of heating and/or energy.

Two things you should always consider when shopping for a new heating system are:

Always consider the “operating cost”

The energy cost to run the heating system over its lifetime. Three main factors determine operating costs: the annual heating requirement, fuel type and price, and equipment efficiency.

Buy ENERGY STAR® for high efficiency

Since it pays to buy energy-efficient equipment, buy the most efficient model you can afford based on the duration of your usage as it pays itself off as you are saving on hydro costs.

  • Consider purchasing a minimum SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency rating) which may qualify for further rebates.

At Impressive Climate Control we provide a heat gain and heat loss calculation to compare the costs of your current home heating system with a new high efficiency heating and cooling system and show you exactly which furnace and/or air conditioner can provide you with a great performance and value. Some of the heating products we offer are gas furnaces, mini split heat pumps, high velocity heating and tankless boilers. Browse some of our heating products below and fill out the form for us to contact you.

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