524 Signature Series Grill

524 Signature Series Grill by VERMONT CASTINGS

Model Details

Proudly Made in the USA

Each of our grills is crafted in the USA by our Vermont Castings team, delivering the premium quality and performance you expect.

5 Burners and 990 sq. in. of Total Cooking Area
Enough room to grill 36 burgers at once* — With this much room, you can sear steaks on one side of the grill while grilling vegetables at low temps on the other side. Perfect for family gatherings or parties! *Based on approximately 4″ diameter patties.
102,500 Total BTUs of Power
The power to cook a greater variety of foods — With a BTU range of up to 102,500, you can achieve the results you want for any kind of food, from seared sirloin to tenderly grilled vegetables.
104 BTUs per sq. in.
Precision control, year round — At 104 BTUs per square inch, the 524 Series offers the ideal rate of power for the most even and precise grilling. The grill will heat faster and you’ll have more precise control, — even in colder climates!
15,000 BTU Side Burner
Stovetop cooking right at the grill — Reduce trips to and from the kitchen and cook everything right at the grill. Standard on the freestanding 524 model and available as an option for the built-in 524 model.
20,000 BTU Rotisserie Burner and Kit
Convenient, hands-free cooking — Lock in juices and flavor for slow-roasted, flavorful results. Our hexagon rod is designed to easily handle foods like large turkeys. The counterbalance keeps rotation consistent for even cooking.
300 True Stainless Steel Construction
Top-to-bottom quality you can count on — this superior grade of stainless steel resists rust better than grills made with lower grades of stainless steel. Plus, they offer a sleek, modern look.
Available as a Built-in Model
Custom Look — Family and friends will love gathering around this stunning addition to your outdoor decor.
Grill Lighting
Easy to grill, day or night — With light-up control knobs and an included LED flex light, these Signature Series grills make it easy to entertain outdoors in the evening.

524 Signature Series Grill by VERMONT CASTINGS Quick Look

  • Burners5 (300 True Stainless Steel)
  • Total BTUs 82,500–102,500
  • Total Cooking Area 990 sq. in.
  • InstallationFreestanding or Built–in

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Finishing Options

  • Smoker Box Smoker Box 50004555 Indirect cooking adds flavor to fish, steak, ribs, chicken and more. Use wood chips like hickory or mesquite for best-tasting results.


  • 5-Piece Tool Set 5-Piece Tool Set VCTK1 This finely crafted tool set gives you everything you need in one convenient package.


  • Grill Cover Grill Cover VCS11C5 (Freestanding), VCS500BIC (Built-In)This ventilated cover designed to protect the grill from the elements, year round. Standard on all freestanding models


  • Griddle Griddle VCSGP8ABreakfast, anyone? The griddle accessory makes it easy to cook foods like pancakes or bacon.


  • 15,000 BTU Side Burner 15,000 BTU Side Burner VCSSBBN (Natural Gas), VCSSBBP (Propane)Provides stove-top cooking right at your grill. That way, you’ll reduce trips to and from the kitchen, enhancing your grilling experience. Standard on 524 and 424 freestanding models.


  • 15,000 BTU Searing Burner 15,000 BTU Searing Burner VCSSEBN (Natural Gas), VCSSEBP (Propane) Add versatility to your grill with high temperature searing that locks in flavor and juices.