Bellfires View Bell Medium 3

View Bell Medium 3

Three-sided gas fireplace

  • Hidden Door or Hidden Door+ 10cm. frame,
  • with double burner (NEW),
  • lamels, plain background or black ceramic interior,
  • ceramic burner,
  • realistic looking wood logs,
  • dimensions: Small, Medium, Large, Vertical, Derby.

Modern three sided gasfire in Large, Medium, Small, Vertical and Derby.

Details make the difference

As details make the difference, Bellifres engineers have devoted a great deal of care and attention to the finishing of the Corner View Bell Medium 3 gas fireplace. Those opting for a corner fireplace can choose from two frames. Standard Hidden Door frame of 4.2 cm creates a perfect, minimalistic finish. Hidden Door+ 10cm frame is available as an alternative. This wider frame borders the glass on all sides, so that a single unit is created with the surround.


View Bell 3 gas fires can be fitted with different interiors. It was already possible to select either an interior with slats or a flat back wall. The option for black ceramic glass is new.Ceramic back wall enhances the perception of depth, emphasising the intensity of the flames. New wood set also enhances true-to-life look of the fireplace and tried-and-tested ceramic burner guarantees a reliable and lifelike fire.

The ease of gas

Stoking on gas is not only clean and safe: it’s mainly also the easiest way of ‘stoking a fire’: on is on and out is out. High flames, low flames; you can regulate it all with one single push on the remote control. Bellfires offers warmth and atmosphere in one; for every interior, for every living style. Last but not least: one achieves a maximum efficiency and a minimum emission.

Safety first

Naturally the developers of Bellfires have extensively thought of the safety aspects as well. The Bellfires 3 is equipped with a patented safety system where possible overpressure in the fireplace will be discharged in a controlled way. The uniqueness of this safety system is the replacability, controllability and therefore the optimum reliability. Those features are a clear surplus value, especially in extreme situations.

View Bell 3: Fire in triplicate

A perfect view of the fire from every angle. That is what new Bellfires View Bell 3 range offers. Stylish three-sided gas fires in different sizes – Large, Medium, Small, Vertical and Derby. So there is an appropriate gas fire for every living room. Visit Impressive Climate Control today to enquire about the Bellfires today.

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