Echelon Direct Vent Gas Fireplace by Majestic ProductsEchelon Direct Vent Gas Fireplace by Majestic Products

Echelon Direct Vent Gas Fireplace by Majestic Products

Wide-Open Design
Spacious viewing area — Echelon fireplaces offer incredibly wide viewing area in a compact space. Both models feature ceramic glass with a convenient quick latch design, while the 60″ model adds anti-reflective protection to minimize glare.
Stylish Options
Three contemporary faces are available in various finishes including Stainless Steel, Textured Black and Iron Age. Match these with the included Bronze glass and natural stone kit or choose from the optional aged driftwood log set or glass kits to create the fireplace that says YOU like no other fireplace. (See Accessories tab above for more information.)
Total Signature Command™ Control
Fire control at your fingertips — This exclusive system gives you a full-featured command center for your fireplace. The included touchscreen remote offers even more flexibility.
Up to 45,000 BTUs
Warmth and comfort — This fireplace delivers a range of BTUs from 23,000 to 45,000, so you’ll stay nice and warm while efficiently heating the room to help lower heating costs.
Up to 648 sq. in. of Viewing Area
Expansive viewing area — With up to 648 sq. in. of viewing area, friends and family can enjoy the lovely flame picture from almost anywhere in the room.

Available Sizes:

  • 42″
  • 60″

Quick Look

Direct Vent
Heating Capacity
Up to 2,000 sq. ft.
Thermal Efficiency
Up to 80%
Cost to Operate

* Based on cost/therm. According to the Federal Register Energy Conservation Program for Consumer Products.

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Finishing Options

  • Contemporary Glass Kits Contemporary Glass Kits GKD (Diamond), GKO (Onyx), GKS (Sapphire), GKB (Bronze)Choose from a wide variety of compatible glass kits to create just the right accent.
  • Black Porcelain Liner Kit Black Porcelain Liner Kit WDV500PBLPorcelain liners create a dramatic, contemporary interior for your fireplace, perfect for showing off our optional glass kits.
  • Blower Kit Blower Kit BLOTBLDVSC3-speed, 160 CFM Signature Command™ blower with time delay.
  • Black Texture Trim Kits Black Texture Trim Kits WDV500TKB, WDV600TKBAvailable in 2 sizes, perimeter trim adds a finished look to your fireplace.
  • Field Fuel Conversion Kits Field Fuel Conversion Kits Natural Gas to Propane: W500CKPS, W600CKPS. Propane to Natural Gas: W500CKNS, W600CKNS.Available in 2 sizes, these conversion kits allow you to change the fuel input of your gas appliance at home.
  • Contemporary Faces Contemporary Faces WDV500CSS, WDV600CSS (Stainless Steel), WDV500FBT, WDV600FBT (Textured Black), WDV500FIA (Iron Age).These contemporary faces add sleek sophistication to your fireplace. Stainless Steel and Textured Black are available in both sizes while Iron Age is available with the 42” Echelon models.
  • Aged Driftwood Log Sets Aged Driftwood Log Sets ADW500, ADW600Available in 2 sizes, these finely crafted log sets bring an organic touch to your Echelon fireplace.
  • Signature Command™ Wall Mount Kit Signature Command™ Wall Mount Kit SCSWEKThis wall mount kit is compatible with the exclusive Signature Command™ system, which offers full function plus an innovative Smart Mode® that delivers maximum fireplace efficiency.

Echelon Model Line-Up

Unique features by model number

Size 60″ 60″ 42″ 42″
  • 57-1/8 (W)
  • 35-7/16 (H)
  • 18-15/16 (D)
  • 57-1/8 (W)
  • 35-7/16 (H)
  • 18-15/16 (D)
  • 46-1/8 (W)
  • 35-7/16 (H)
  • 18-3/16 (D)
  • 46-1/8 (W)
  • 35-7/16 (H)
  • 18-3/16 (D)
Framing Dimensions
  • 57-5/8 (W)
  • 35-7/16 (H)
  • 18-5/8 (D)
  • 57-5/8 (W)
  • 35-7/16 (H)
  • 18-5/8 (D)
  • 46-5/8 (W)
  • 35-5/8 (H)
  • 17-7/8 (D)
  • 46-5/8 (W)
  • 35-5/8 (H)
  • 17-7/8 (D)
Heating Capacity Up to 1850 Up to 2000 Up to 1430 Up to 1400
Max BTU/H (Natural Gas) N/A 45,000 N/A 34,000
Max BTU/H (LP) 40,000 N/A 33,000 N/A
Cost to Operate $1.08 $0.48 $0.89 $0.36
Fuel Type Liquid Propane Natural Gas Liquid Propane Natural Gas
Fire Viewing Area 47-1/8″ x 13-3/4″ 47-1/8″ x 13-3/4″ 36-1/8″ x 13-3/4″ 36-1/8″ x 13-3/4″
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Common features for this family

Viewing Style Front
Ignition System SCS
Termination Top
Certifications CSA Design