Intrepid Flexburn Wood Burning Stove

Vermont Castings


Compact and efficient, the distinguished Intrepid wood stove offers the classic warmth and timeless beauty synonymous with Vermont Castings, now with the convenience of FlexBurn Technology. The style and strength of 100% cast iron construction, combined with features not found often on stoves of this size, put the Intrepid FlexBurn in a class of its own. When paired with the optional catalytic performance pack, it becomes the cleanest burning wood stove ever certified by the EPA.

  • Easily load wood from the top, minimising effort and keeping smoke and embers contained.
  • Cleanly remove ashes, even when the stove is hot, with the exclusive swing-out ash pan and handled cover.
  • Enjoy longer burn times with more even heat with thermostatically controlled combustion.
  • Perfect for small and mid-sized rooms.

Key Technologies

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FlexBurn stoves burn with or without a catalyst and achieve 15% higher efficiency on low burns with the catalyst in place.

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Our unique, built-in thermostat requires no electricity and automatically adjusts the required air for combustion. Just set the stove for the heat output you want and let the thermostat do the rest. The result—longer, more even heat.

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Top loading lends itself to numerous conveniences and safety features:

  • Increases load capacity by allowing you to utilize the entire fire box for longer burns
  • Top loading is safer and cleaner, keeping ash and embers contained
  • The smokeless esign releases less smoke in your room than loading from the front
  • Direct heat to the stovetop results in a superior cooking surface

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