Montigo RP620 Series linear fireplace

Beautiful. Bright. Alluring.

Concealed Burner

The RP620 adds tranquillity and warmth to your home. The 5 foot long burner produces a relaxing ribbon-like flame. Your desired media can completely cover the bed of the firebox, enhancing the ambience even when the fireplace is not in use.

Frameless Design

Clean contemporary lines and frameless double glass design deliver breathtaking aesthetics. Finishing materials can be brought down to the glass creating a stunning focal point without interruption.

Dedicated Power Vent

Montigo 300-Series Power Vents have been designed and manufactured inhouse to create an optimized fireplace system. Designed to compliment your homes exterior, the assistance of fans allow you to locate your fireplace anywhere in your home.

Installation Kit

All necessary installation components and hardware are provided by Montigo – including the metal frame kit and FirePro wall board. Making installation an easy and efficient process right down to the screws.


  • Frameless window design
  • Power vent dedicated
  • Convertible to top or rear flue vent
  • Integrated barrier safety screen
  • Electronic ignition
  • Supplied with install kit and standard control panel
  • Compatible with 24VAC home automation systems
  • Concealed ribbon burner, reflective black porcelain panels, up-lighting + clear firestones
  • Drift wood log set
  • Speckled stones
  • Glass media available in a variety of colour options
  • Remote control
  • Three choices of Montigo’s 300-series exterior, vertical or flush louvered power vent terminations

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