Fantech 415517 EDF8 Wall Control

$168.00 CAD

  • Multifunctional Dehumidistat Control: Optimizes ventilation with various modes for homeowner convenience.
  • Three Operational Modes: Includes Ventilation, Recirculation, and Standby modes for diverse air management needs.
  • Ventilation Mode: Exchanges indoor stale air with fresh outdoor air for a healthier living environment.
  • Recirculation Mode: Redistributes air within the home without introducing outdoor air, ideal for balanced indoor climate.
  • Standby Mode: Inactive appliance state, activates only if indoor relative humidity exceeds the setpoint.
  • Adjustable Fan Speeds: Features three settings – Reduced, Medium, and Normal or 20min/h for tailored airflow control.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to integrate seamlessly with all Fantech fresh air appliance models.

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Fantech 415517 EDF8 Wall Control

w/dehumidification function, display, 1-gang box, 2 wires

Item #: 415517

An electronic dehumidistat control that features multiple ventilation modes to assist homeowners with controlling and optimizing their ventilation system.   This control activates the system on 3 possible modes of operation: • Ventilation Mode • Recirculation Mode • Standby Mode   Ventilation mode removes stale air from inside your home and replaces it with fresh outdoor air. Recirculation mode takes air from areas of your home and redistributes it to other rooms. No outdoor air is introduced into the home. Standby mode leaves the appliance inactive unless the indoor relative humidity is above the setpoint on the control.   The fan speed has 3 settings: Reduced, Medium, and Normal or 20min/h.   Manufactured with the customer in mind, this controller works with all Fantech fresh air appliance models.
  • Manufacturer: Fantech a Systemair company
  • Description: New EDF8 Main Control ( 2-wire)
  • Compatibility: Please see Documents folder below
  • Manufacturers’ Part Number: 415517
  • Greentek Equivalent Main Control: EHC 2.5  415518


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