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Vermont Castings Low Density Door Gasket 1-00-1203589 [15 FT]

$68.00 CAD

  • SKU: 1-00-1203589
  • Part Type: Gaskets
  • Part Quality: FIBERGLAS 3/8 LOW-15 FT
  • Size: 3/8″
  • SOLD in 15 Feet Length
  • May fit other models of Vermont Castings stoves as well. 

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Vermont Castings 3/8″ Low Density Door Gasket Specification:

Replacement 3/8 low density gasket for Vermont Castings Wood & Pellet Stoves.

  • This gasket is sold in a quantity of 15 Feet length.
Vermont Castings Wood Stoves: Vermont Castings PELLET Stoves:
  • The Defiant 1910 (7) seven
  • The Defiant Non Cat 1610 (7) seven
  • Defiant 2N1 0001975 & 0001979 (4) four
  • Large Winterwarm Firebox 2100 (3) three
  • Merrimack Insert (10) ten
  • Montpelier Insert (10) ten
  • Sequoia 2160 (5) five
  • Aspen Woodburning Stove 1920
  • Dutchwest Catalytic 9093 2183
  • Large Winterwarm Firebox 1280
  • Reliance: 2340
  • Reliance Pellet Stove 2220(6) six

Vermont Castings Gasket Others:

  • Vermont Castings part # 1-00-1203589
  • OEM Vermont Castings part.
  • Gaskets are subject to normal wear and tear and are delicate in nature. There is no manufacturer’s warranty on gaskets.
  • May fit other models of Vermont Castings stoves as well. Please check your owners manual for part numbers.


When the wind gets a chill in it, many of us become all too aware that the winter months are coming. For some this is great, for others? Well, let’s just say some folks are ready for the wood stove to be up and going. In addition to other maintenance tasks that you’ll be performing on your wood stove, don’t forget to check the gasket! Checking your gasket to see how well it’s held up is easy, just check out our how-to video below! Media Mike shows you an easy way to see if your gasket is still doing well or if it’s time to replace it. If it is, you’ve come to the right place!

Wood stoves burn more efficiently when they have a tight seal around the door and window.  The gaskets on wood stoves are what create that tight seal, but over time some of them wear down and need replaced.  Our replacement wood stove gasket is made from high quality fiberglass and is impregnated with black graph

Check your stove’s owners manual to know the exact diameter of gasket you need.

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