Wood Gas or Electric Fireplace


Wood, Gas or Electric Fireplace

Deciding between wood gas or electric fireplace can be somewhat frustrating. Specially for homeowners who are trying to retrofit an existing fireplace. They may require an extensive planning, consultation and design idea to begin their project.

Today, we had an interesting customer come into the store deciding between wood gas or electric fireplace. He was dropping a door off to have the broken glass replaced and repaint the frame. His current wood burning insert, needed some work for a fresher look.


Wood Gas or Electric Fireplace

He realized that we have many wood, gas and electric fireplaces and while browsing our store he picked up a bunch of brochures from each category. Though we have a lot of fireplace brochures, but it’s rare to see someone pick up brochures for gas, wood, and electric all at once.

 It turned out that he wanted to put an stove for his cottage, a gas fireplace in a smaller sitting room for his current residence, and with Christmas around the corner, he was eyeing an electric up for his son. ‘Do you have any contemporary gas fireplace with crystals?’ he asked.  Why yes, yes we do, and by the way? They are awesome.

In the end, there was no need for him to decide between wood, gas or electric fireplace; however, thinking about this particular customer had us recalling how many people come in torn between three (or more) options.

Gas fireplaces, have become another popular addition to homes, and new home builds often incorporate at least one! Gas fireplaces have a lot of different models and looks to choose from, and can range from the traditional log fireplace with louvers or inserts, to very modern, clean-faced units that incorporate glass crystals or river rocks and much more. One of the most common questions that we hear is: ‘Will my fireplace still light if the power is out?‘  The answer, simply put, is yes! The gas-powered pilot light creates a low voltage that provides enough power to allow your switch to turn on your fireplace, and if you have a remote-powered unit, the receiver box houses a battery compartment that allows your remote to work even when your hydro doesn’t! In addition, if you are looking for a fireplace that doesn’t require the labour of preparing and loading wood, a gas fireplace may be a great choice for your home!

Wood burning fireplaces have come a long way since the middle ages, and have become extremely more efficient over the years. Did you know that a wood burning fireplace gives off double the heat of a gas or propane unit? In addition, nothing quite compares to the crackling of wood in one of these units. If you have access to wood, and don’t mind preparing it (or having it prepared), a wood burning unit is a beautiful and warm addition to any home.

Finally, an electric fireplace is a fantastic and financially feasible solution for any living area. Especially popular in apartment buildings, bedrooms, and basements, electric fireplaces add a great visual addition to any room. Though not the most efficient heaters when compared to gas or wood, they are good for taking that slight chill out of a room, or for having the look of a fire without the heat. With the technology for electric fireplaces being expanded on every day, more versatile units are being released, and come equipped with features that your regular gas or wood fireplace can’t offer. Amantii’s electric fireplaces, in particular, has three colour-changing flame options to choose from at any given time! There are some new gas fireplaces particularly designed for condos and small apartments where gas applications are feasible. Talk to one of our hearth advisers to learn more about these new gas fireplaces.

In the end, it’s all about what you want, your personal preferences and what is best for you. Are you looking to use it more for heat or the visual appeal? What kind of look are you seeking? Where are you installing the unit?

If you are unsure what to consider before deciding between wood, gas or electric fireplace, it would be to your advantage to visit our impressive showroom today.

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