Replacement Filters For Furnaces and Humidifier Pads Ottawa

Furnace Filters and Humidifier Pads Ottawa

Full-Size Pleated Filters

Furnace Filters

Pleated air filters are advanced filters that normally offer a much higher level of filtration than the standard filters provided by the manufacture.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), pleated filters are much more efficient than non-pleated filters at capturing microscopic airborne particles – replacement filters for furnaces and humidifier pads

Evaportor Pads

A flow-through or drip-style humidifier uses a media element to transfer water vapor into the supply air of the furnace.

HRV/ERV Filters

Washable air filters, also known as electrostatic filters, are considered reusable or permanent since they are up to 10 times more efficient than standard disposable furnace filters

What Furnace Filter Should I Use?

What Are The Benefits Of Furnace Filter?

Having a comfortable home goes way beyond tempreture settings. The quality of the indoor air effects your comfort and health. Tiny particles like mold, bacteria and moisture can cause serious respiratory problems, while others like pet dander, pollen and dust can be irritating and allergenic.

Advanced products like air purifiers and cleaners, working together with your home heating and cooling system, help reduce concentrations of allergens and other contaminants in the air. These and other indoor air quality products help improve clean air circulation and balance humidity levels, without producing ozone, a known lung irritant. Plus replacement filters for furnaces can drastically effect not only the cleanness of your furnace, but also prolong your furnace life and the need for pricey furnace cleaning when you maintain your furnace filter.

Furnace Filter Ratings

There are several ways to measure the effectiveness of an air filtration system. The two you’ll most likely see are MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and CADR, or Clean Air Delivery Rate.

MERV is designed for systems with media-based filters and involves loading the filter with particles until its airflow is greatly reduced. Unfortunately, this method only measures one aspect of air filtration, particle capture efficiency alone.

Most filtration systems work like a vacuum cleaner bag. Small holes let air pass through but not particles. The more dirt is collected, the more clogged they become eventually robbing your system’s performance and life.

At Impressive Climate Control we offer state of the art air purification systems from top brands such as Trane CleanEffectsAprilaire, Generalaire, Lennox Healthy Climate, Carrier Air Cleaners and so much more, and if we haven’t name them for sure we will be able to order the particular brand of filter you are looking for.

Simply provide your contact information below and we will contact you with more information for replacement filters for furnaces and humidifier pads as well as replacement HEPA Filters.

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Portfolios of Filters

Aprilaire Pleated Filters

Air Purifier Aprilaire

Air Purifier Aprilaire Whole-home air purifiers remove pollutants throughout your home​ If someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, you already know the negative impact that polluted air can have. No matter how clean you…

Trane Perfect Fit air cleaner

Trane Perfect Fit Reusable Furnace Filter For the millions of particles in a typical home’s air, a Trane Perfect Fit™ reusable furnace filter traps more dust, pollen and bacteria than typical filters. Plus, when matched with Trane CleanEffects™…

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