Wood Burning Fireplaces Ottawa

Renewable . Affordable . Beautiful

Wood Burning Fireplaces Ottawa

There is nothing more traditional and romantic gathering place for the entire family besides wood burning fireplaces. The crackling sound of burning logs and the warmth, glow and the aromas that only a wood fireplace can provide. Wood Burning Fireplaces are ideal for new installations. For upgrading an existing opening checkout our Wood inserts.

Conventional masonry fireplaces with open fires, once common in Canadian homes, are declining in popularity. The main disadvantages of open-fire masonry fireplaces vs highly efficient wood burning fireplaces with enclosed fire-box are:


Wood Fireplace Anatomy

  • High Levels of Pollution
  • Limited Use
  • No Aesthetic Appeal
  • Too Costly To Build

In their place, energy-efficient and low-emission wood burning fireplaces and inserts with their beautiful fire-viewing capabilities will become the accepted standard. These new wood burning fireplaces are as practical as they are attractive – something that can’t be said of older, conventional masonry fireplaces.

At Impressive Climate Control we carry a wide range of wood burning products such as wood stoves and wood inserts from top brands such as Regency Fireplaces or Vermont Castings. The selection below represents just a fraction of the wood fireplaces that are available. Browse this selection, then visit our fireplace store, where our expert staff are always delighted to assist you.