Indoor Outdoor Fireplaces

Clean face design, times two! Double your viewable area with two non-reflective ceramic glass sides that provide a “pass-through” effect that brings a dramatic look to both indoor and outdoor settings. With an outdoor see through fireplaces, you can enjoy the fire from two locations, indoor and outdoor. That’s right, the indoor outdoor see through fireplaces is installed between the interior and exterior wall of your home, creating an ambient space from both your living room and patio where lots of entertainment and gatherings take place.

Indoor Outdoor See-Through Fireplaces for Modern Home Designs

The indoor outdoor see through fireplaces are the perfect addition to any new built homes and custom home designs in which the architects love to add this piece of appliance to their home designs and layouts.

Besides creating a WOW FACTOR, the indoor outdoor see through fireplaces can generate enough heat with high BTU’s and are available in either classic or contemporary styles for even the pickiest shoppers.


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