Mini Split Heat Pumps Ottawa

Experience a Complete Home Comfort System that adapts to various needs. Ideal for room additions, especially when extending or installing distribution ductwork isn’t practical, as well as for highly efficient new homes requiring compact climate solutions. Multi-unit heat pumps are the go-to choice for commercial heating and cooling systems, prized for their unmatched flexibility and stellar efficiency ratings.”

How does
Mini Split Heat Pump Works?

Like standard air-to-air heat pumps, mini splits have two main components:

An outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air-handling unit (normally hung in residential applications). A conduit, which houses the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and condensate drain, links the outdoor and indoor units through a very small (roughly about 3″) hole between the outside wall.

Keep in mind when considering a ductless heat pump or ductless cooling only, it must be correctly sized and locate the best possible location for its installation as an oversized or incorrectly located unit can result in short-cycling, which wastes energy and does not provide proper temperature or humidity control. This means too a system is too costly to obtain and operate.

Mini Split Heat Pump Advantages

In comparison to other add-on heating or cooling systems, mini splits offer many advantages as follows:

ducts losses more than 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning.

Can be suspended from a ceiling, mounted flush into a drop ceiling, or hung on a wall. (Floor-Standing models are also available)

Most indoor units are about seven inches deep with high-tech looking jackets.

Individual remote for each unit makes a convenient choice where required.

In comparison to window-mounted room air conditioners which provide easy access for intruders.

Tips on Mini Split Systems

Upgrade to cost-effective comfort with ductless mini-split heat pumps from Impressive Climate Control. Ideal for home additions or renovations lacking traditional ducts, these modern systems excel even in Ottawa’s chilly climate. Our certified HVAC technicians, trained by leading manufacturers like Mitsubishi Electric and Trane, are ready to guide you in choosing the perfect duct-free heat pump. Embrace the future of home heating and cooling – go ductless today.

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