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Why Choose Impressive Stove Store?

When it comes to your home’s hearth products, you always make sure you pick the right stove brand which offers attractive warranty on top of it’s aesthetics and price. It goes the same for picking the right stove store and installer which makes a big difference when the stove of your choice is installed up to the building codes and efficiently performs wood burning.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Wood Burning Stove!

      • Call your municipality to find out if you require a building permit when exchanging stoves.
      • Contact your insurance broker to find out if the installation will affect your policy. Many insurance companies prefer if you have your wood burning stove installed by a WETT certified technician which we offer to every one of our customers.
      • Our installers are all fully insured.
      • We review the installation plans with you or your contractor and advise you on any safety issues.
      • All stoves are installed based on the manufacturer’s guidelines by our professional installers.
      • Our valued customers are always provided with the best possible after sales service as we are proudly rated A+ by better business bureau.

Planning a Space Heater Installation

When planning the location of the wood stove installation you need to be aware that it makes a large contribution to your home’s total heating needs, which takes careful consideration about the physical size of the stove specially the BTU output in respect to the size of your home. choosing the right location for the space heater may be the most important installation decision you make. Put the heater in the part of the house that you want to be the warmest. This is usually the main floor – kitchen, living room and dinning room – where family members spend most of their time. By locating the space heater here, you will be warm and comfortable while you are eventually heating the entire house by zone heating.

Hearth Mount Stoves

The hearth mount stoves just like today’s best fireplace inserts, with ceramic glass doors and insulated outer casing, are nearly as efficient as free standing wood stoves.

A few special inserts can be installed in factory-built fireplaces. If you are considering using an insert to improve the performance of your conventional factory-built fireplace, be sure that it is certified for this.

Free Standing Gas Stoves

Free standing gas stove fireplaces utilize variety of styles and finishes that range from small hearth mounts which are installed in front of existing fireplaces, to stylish free standing cast iron gas stoves with enamel finishes.

These fireplaces can be vented into existing chimneys, through the roof with new venting, or out the wall in direct vent fashion. These fireplaces are extremely useful for heating difficult locations such as basements.

Browse some of our lines of wood stove and gas stove from reputable stove brands such as Vermont Castings stoves, Regency stoves and Majestic stoves and best yet is to visit our fireplace store to learn more about these products.

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