Wood Fireplaces Inserts Stoves Ottawa

Wood Fireplaces Inserts Stoves Ottawa

Replacing old masonry fireplaces with high efficiency wood fireplaces, inserts or stoves can be cost savings on hydro bills specially for Ottawa home owners. Older stoves and fireplaces that were manufactured before 1990 burn inefficiently which waste firewood, pollutes the air and creates dust inside your home. Newer wood burning stoves, fireplaces or inserts can reduce smoke and dust, as well as cut heating expenses. There are many cleaner, energy saving options, ranging from gas to high-tech wood stoves certified by EPA. *Environmental Protection Agency*


Wood Burning Fireplace Anatomy

Why Replace Old Wood Stoves & Fireplaces?

  • Saves money, fuel, time and resources
  • 50% more energy efficient.
  • Uses 1/3 less wood for the same heat.
  • Cuts creosote build-up in chimney’s reducing the risk of fire.
  • Produces 70% less particle pollution indoors and out.
  • Improved combustion efficiency reduces CO2 emissions.

Browse the models below then drop by our fireplace store, where our expert staff are on hand and delighted to assist you.

A wood burning fireplace combines the ageless love of a natural fire with today’s lifestyle and the latest technology. High efficiency wood fireplaces are ideal for new installations.

With a high-efficiency wood insert you can enjoy a clean burning and efficient heater. Wood inserts are the perfect solution for upgrading an existing wood fireplace to a more efficient system.

With a classically styled wood burning stove in small, medium or large sizes you can heat your favorite living spaces with renewable, clean burning and efficient heat. Save money on your heating bill…and get back to basics with a beautiful high efficiency wood stove.

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Fireplace Repair Ottawa Impressive Climate Control offers sales, service and installation of gas fireplaces & wood burning products from industries top brand names such as Regency, Vermont Castings, Majestic, Marquis…

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