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Take a step back and relax. With our financing options you will surely find piece of mind in case of an emergency no heat with your furnace or and odd break down of your air conditioning system during a hot an damp summer day. A break down of your heating or cooling system – with unexpected repairs or replacement of the entire HVAC system will most certainly take a big chuck out of your savings.

Impressive Climate Control offers financing options that are easy on your wallet and flexible in many ways to make your investment on any new HVAC system more affordable. We will set up a financing plan which suites your needs for a new heating and cooling system of your choice, whether it is a new furnace, or an air conditioning system or even a fireplace for your home comfort.

Snap Financial

Financing HVAC Systems

Impressive Climate Control offers financing options on either up front low monthly pays or deferral plans followed by minimal monthly pays through Snap Financial. With minimum monthly payments and low competitive interest rates you can afford to finance any new air conditioning system or furnace. Giving our valued customers the power of buy, you might even consider replacing or adding a new fireplace, which you were thinking of. (For example: with a minimum monthly payment of $49.99 you can get a new gas furnace and fireplace installed.)

  • up to 100% financing

    On all your home comfort needs.

  • no down payment

    Flexibility for home owners to spend their savings where it’s needed most.

  • open loan

    Pay off the entire loan at any time without penalties

  • available financing offers

    A. No Interest No Payment Programs
    B. Low Monthly Payment Programs

  • take up to 12 years to pay

  • personal & confidential

  • easy deductions from your bank account


Rental Options

Impressive Climate Control offers rental plans on furnaces and air conditioners with no limitations on the brands you as a customer would like installed. Giving our rental customers an access to a wide range of heating and cooling products such as tankless water heaters or furnaces and even central air conditioning or mini split cooling units from top brands in the market. (For example, you can have a new high efficiency tankless water heater rented for as low as $29.99 per month).

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