Heating And Cooling Systems Ottawa

Can You Put A Price On Comfort?

Heating and Cooling Systems Ottawa


The new heating and cooling systems bearing the ENERGY STAR symbol help home owners save energy and money and protect our environment.

Besides using LED lighting and add caulking around the doors and windows, today’s home owner’s are more energy concerned than ever, due to the rising of prices of  hydro and gas.

Many home owner’s also consider doing a retrofit to make their homes more efficient.

What is Retrofitting?

Retrofitting a house is simply upgrading it so that it will keep the heat in. This means adding insulation, caulking and weather-stripping, improving or replacing windows and doors, and improving the heating and cooling system. Retrofitting also means including energy-efficient measures in all your renovation and repair activities. In our climate, retrofitting usually makes a lot of sense. Plus government of Canada offers different retrofitting rebates and grants for this purpose.

Why Retrofit?

Perhaps most important, retrofitting a home costs less than producing new energy supplies to heat it. Fully 15% of Canada’s annual energy use is to heat and cool our home, and this energy comes mostly from non-renewable resources such as oil and gas.

Heating Systems Sizing

A newly retrofitted house will have smaller heating need than it had before the retrofit. This smaller heating requirement means that the furnace is now over-sized, a condition that can cause larger temperature fluctuations and the potential for inefficient on-off cycling of conventional furnaces.

When a furnace operates less often, the chimney can get colder between burns. This can lead to down-drafting and possible condensation and damage to the chimney. Also, cooling systems which are under sized and most commonly are over-sized, will have a major effect on the efficiency of the system.

If your retrofit measures are extensive and you have a concern about this, have the heating and cooling system checked by our certified technicians.

Are You Retrofitting a Commercial Building?

You may be qualified for government grants and rebates when it comes to any size commercially used building. To find out what rebates are available to you for upgrading or renting commercial HVAC systems please contact one of our commercial HVAC advisers today.

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