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When searching for vanEE service parts, it is in your advantage to choose a genuine replacement parts only. vanEE just like many other manufacturer’s may not warrant your unit once an altercation or modification has been done. This way you ensure your vanEE air exchanger ventilation unit remains in good working condition, and your warranty remain in good standing when purchasing genuine vänEE service parts. The reason that you need to do this is vänEE genuine replacement parts are specially designed for each unit and are manufactured to comply with all the applicable certification standards and maintain a high standard of safety.

Any third party replacement part used may cause serious damage and drastically reduce the performance level of your unit, which will result in premature failing. vänEE also recommends to contact a vänEE certified service depot for all replacement parts and repair.

To order vanEE Service parts you can call 613-727-4328 or fill in the contact form below.Vanee-Ventilation-Ottawa-Impressive-Climate-Control

Parts over the years have changed part numbers and what used to be the correct answer is not always so now. If you don’t find the part in our on-line shop you can submit your request by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

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