Water Heater

Our TSSA-licensed technicians offer water heaters repair and installation services for all Ottawa residents.

Heating Repair

  • Owning a Tankless water heater, and doing occasional on-demand water heater maintenance or repair services is part of the game as a homeowner.
  • Looking for a high-efficiency tankless water heater to buy or rent? Trust us to match you with the ideal water heater for your home.
  • Find reassurance in our packages featuring yearly check-ups, unrestricted service requests, prompt assistance, and bonus perks.

What Size Of Tankless Water Heater You Need?

We first need to figure out the rate of gallons per minute used in our household. Imagine someone is taking a shower while someone else is trying to wash a load of whites in the washing machine, and the third person is washing dishes.

Air Quality
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