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Reliability & Durability

vanEE ventilation has redefined ventilation in IAQ products. Combining innovative technology into their lines of heat and energy recovery ventilators. vanEE HRVs and ERVs will meet the ventilation requirements of practically all builders, remodelers and homeowners.

The vanEE ventilation units can be installed with multiple air intake and air exhaust grilles. They can easily be integrated with the existing forced-air system or be installed independently. Made in Germany, vanEE is a symbol of quality: all units are HVI and cUL certified and most are ENERGY STAR qualified. They have been a member of “HVI” Home Ventilating Institute since 1991, assuring customers that their products meet strict performance standards.


Importance of Neutral Indoor Air Pressure

Equalizing Indoor Air Pressure: A Crucial Balancing Act

It is important not to neglect the impact of an unbalanced ventilation system. If an air exchange unit does not expel and intake equal amounts of air, a negative or positive air pressure imbalance occurs. That being said may cause harm and energy loss to your home.

Positive air pressure

Positive air pressure pushes hot and/or humid air into walls and insulation; condensation can lead to mold, mildew and rot. Plus it causes heat loss.

Negative air pressure

Negative air pressure causes unconditioned air and risks of mold and higher energy costs. Plus a potential backdraft from combustion appliances.

Equal air pressure

Equal air pressure is the ideal state of ventilation. When supply airflow is equal (CFM) to stale air exhaust. Balancing is required on all units unless specified.

How to Determine Your Ventilation Needs

How much fresh air do I need?

Good air quality is based on the capacity of the home’s ventilation system.

Usually, the HRV’s or ERV’s capacity is measured in CFM (Cubic feet per minute) or L/s (Liters per second) of fresh air being distributed in the living space. To find out the CFM requirement you need to know the size of your home, plus the number of bathrooms and kitchen vents and gas appliances which have exhaust.

To find out which type of vanEE ventilation system will respond best in your home please consult with one of our energy saving advisers today.

Why Choose Impressive Climate Control?

  • You will benefit from an exclusive EXTENDED IN-HOME SERVICE WARRANTY when we install your new vanEE unit. Call today to learn about this program.
  • We will do proper calculations to determine the unit size and type for your home.Vanee-Ventilation-Ottawa-Impressive-Climate-Control

Our friendly vanee specialists are here to answer all your questions and assist you in picking the right product for your home ventilation needs. Contact our office now.

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