Ventilation Ottawa

Ventilation Ottawa

Ventilation is a vital system in a healthy home

A balanced mechanical ventilation system wit


HRV Ventilator

h heat or energy recovery is an ideal way to expel indoor air pollutants. A ventilator helps to remove such as carbon dioxide, odors, dust, and excess humidity encouraging mold growth which potentially causing or aggravating problems to occupants’ health and comfort. Plus ventilators help to keep your furnace clean which ultimately results in a better efficiency outcome and furnace longevity.

Which type of ventilator will respond best to the home owners’ environment? HRV vs ERV?

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What is HRV “Heat Recovery Ventilator”?

Heat Recovery Ventilator – Ideal for colder climates, where home heating is essential, the heat recovery ventilator (HRV) is the proper choice. The HRV keeps the home supplied with a steady flow of fresh outdoor air. As stale, warm air is expelled, the heat recovery core warms the incoming fresh, colder air before it is distributed throughout the home. The result is a constant supply of fresh air, no unpleasant drafts and greater home comfort. In addition to heat recovery and improved air quality, the HRV provides necessary ventilation while controlling excess humidity.

How does HRV work?

Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV), works by removing the excess humidity that occurs especially during the cold seasons, preventing potential health problems as well as moisture damage to window frames and surrounding walls, while replacing stale indoor air with fresh, clean outdoor air. The excellent filters inside the units filter the outdoor pollutants and expels indoor pollutants to the outside, exchanging the air in the home.

What is ERV “Energy Recovery Ventilator” ?

Energy Recovery Ventilator – Year-Round Ventilation
ERV’s are suitable for all climates including those with hot, humid summers, where homes are air-conditioned and possibly dehumidified during large parts of the year. As the HRV, the ERV recovers the heat in cold season, however it also recuperates the energy trapped in moisture, which greatly improves the overall recovery efficiency. The ERV process is as follows: In humid climates and air conditioned homes, when it is more humid outside than inside, the ERV limits the amount of moisture coming into your home. In dry climates and humidified homes, when the humidity level is reversed, the ERV limits the amount of moisture expelled from your home.

How does ERV work?

An ERV transfers heat and moisture from one airstream to another, and is the ideal system to maintain proper humidity levels. It is an excellent system for year-round use and ideal for homes with air conditioning and high outdoor humidity. This system also provides filtration of outdoor pollutants and expels indoor pollutants to the outside, exchanging the air in your home.

The best way to figure out which Indoor Air Quality product is the one suitable to your needs is to consult with one of our energy saving advisers today. Impressive Climate Control Offers full line of Indoor Air Quality products for your whole home air quality needs as well as professional installation and maintenance services for your convenience in the city of Ottawa and surrounding areas.

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ERV 60H Bronze Series - vänEE Residential air exchanger

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