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A tankless water heater provides instantaneous hot water when needed. It is also called an on-demand water heater. This feature makes it the most efficient water heater on the market today. Heating water only when it’s needed provides energy savings not found with hot water tanks (storage tanks). Also available in combination boiler, which can provide both hot water as well as the main source of heat for residential and commercial HVAC applications.

Tankless Water Heater Ottawa

At Impressive we carry top brands such as Navien, Rinnai, Bosch, Noritz, Rheem, and more. The Navien’s 98% efficiency is among the most energy-efficient tankless water heaters in the industry.

Our energy-saving advisers will educate you based on your hot water demand.

When selecting the right tankless water heater for your home, you need to consider several important facts before you buy. Those facts are:

You have two options to choose from; one is gas-fired tankless water (like Navien or Rheem) or an electric tankless water heater.

How much hot water you need at once depends on how many adults are living in your residents. Are you considering to heat up the water at multiple bathroom sinks and kitchen or an entire house or condo apartment (whole house application)?

The flow rate is especially important, since Tankless Water Heaters will generate a temperature rise based on the flow rate demanded. For example, a tankless system is capable to generate enough on-demand hot water to have up to 4 showers and kitchen sink hot water on instantaneously.

Depending on the size of the tankless it can supply enough hot water on demand for various applications which is either in replacement of a conventional storage tank water heater in a typical residential home or hydronic heating supplied by a combination tankless water heater (also called combi-boilers) to provide both hot water, and heating up an entire house.

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