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Most common air conditioner problems

Since the air con leak happens due to several factors, we like to inform you about the proper operation and maintenance of your system to avoid air conditioner problems. The central air conditioner problems usually occur due to improper operation of the AC unit. Proper operation and air conditioner maintenance is the key to having a healthy home comfort system. To give you some examples on how to properly run your air conditioning system when your air conditioner is on, be sure to close your home’s windows and outside doors. For room air conditioners, isolate the room or a group of connected rooms as much as possible from the rest of your house. Last but not the least, how an air conditioner works, is by removing the relative humidity in your home, and so you feel cool. So, when it’s really hot and humid, sometimes it takes a longer period of time to get your room temperature down. Be sure to turn on your air condition a day before when you see a weather forecast of hot weather.

Air Conditioner Problems

Air Conditioner Not Working

Other common problems with existing air conditioners are the result of:

  • Faulty installation
  • Poor service procedures
  • Inadequate maintenance

Improper air conditioning installation of a central air conditioner can result in leaky ducts and low airflow. Many times, the installer does not put adequate refrigerant charge (the amount of refrigerant in the system) based on manufacturer’s specifications. If proper refrigerant filling is not performed during installation, the performance and efficiency of the unit is impaired. Unqualified service technicians often fail to find refrigerant charging problems. Worse than that is they add refrigerant to a system that is already full and worsening the problem.

Learn about air conditioner maintenance checklist when hiring a technician to maintain your air conditioner.

Air conditioner manufacturers, particularly the high end brands, generally make the best air conditioners with high quality performance. Be sure to understand about the refrigerant levels in your system when hiring a technician to maintain your air conditioner.
If your air conditioner stops working, first check any fuses or circuit breakers. Let the unit cool down for about five minutes before resetting any breakers. If a central air conditioner’s compressor stops on a hot day, the high-pressure limit switch may have tripped; reset it by pushing the button, located in the compressor’s access panel.
If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, either it was undercharged at installation or it leaks. If the ac leaks, simply adding proper ac refrigerant is not a solution. A professionally and certified air conditioner technician should fix any leak, test the repair, and then charge the system with the correct amount of refrigerant. Remember that the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner is greatest when the refrigerant charge exactly matches the manufacturer’s specification, and is neither undercharged nor overcharged. Refrigerant leaks can also be harmful to the environment.

A yearly maintenance will allow filters and air conditioning coils to remain clean. If you are not in a habit of doing an air conditioner maintenance than your air conditioner will not work properly, and the compressor or fans are likely to fail prematurely.

The compressor and fan controls can wear out, especially when the air conditioner turns on and off frequently, (in another term the air conditioner short cycles) specially when a system is over-sized. Therefore bigger unit does not always mean the best central air conditioning for your home. Because corrosion of wire and terminals is also a problem in many systems, electrical connections and contacts should be checked during a professional service call.

Room air conditioners feature a thermostat sensor, conveniently located behind the control panel, which measures the temperature of air coming into the evaporative coil. If the sensor is not in the right position, the air conditioner could short cycles. The sensor should be near the coil but not touching it; adjust its position by carefully bending the wire that holds it in place.

When it’s hot and humid outside, check the condensate drain to make sure it isn’t clogged and is draining properly. The best way to clean a clogged condensate pan is using vinegar to clean throughout. Room air conditioners may not drain properly if not mounted level.

Are you experiencing condensation on air conditioning ducts? In central air conditioning units and packaged units this may happen due to improper airflow. Excessive condensation from air conditioning due to a clogged condensate drain line or ice built up in the vents can cause major air conditioner problems in your system. AC condensation will rust and eventually killing the air conditioning or your furnace. If you are having a condensation problem you should contact our HVAC technician right away to fix ac condensation problem.

How to choose air conditioner

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