Furnace Check Ottawa

Furnace Check-Up Ottawa

Are You Left With a Broken Furnace?

Furnace Check-Up Ottawa

Find out if you are really experiencing an emergency furnace repair Ottawa home owners, before you grow sour. The last thing you want is to call an emergency furnace repair in the middle of winter. So, to avoid potential problems, we’re giving you a seasonal fall checklist to go through to make sure your system is up to par. Some of the items listed you might be able to do yourself, but most are probably better left to a professional. Either way, we hope you find the information helpful!

Furnace Check Ottawa

Furnace Check Ottawa

Furnace Check-list to Keep You Cozy and Comfortable

Did you know that half of the energy in your home is used by your heating and cooling system? That’s a lot of energy, which means your HVAC system is an important part of your home. Not only does it keep your family comfortable, but it also greatly impacts your utility bills. It is crucial to do annual furnace check in order to help keep your utility bill at an affordable cost and keep your system as efficient as possible.

DIY Furnace Checklist

  • Change Your Filter

Set a reminder for yourself to change your filter on a regular basis. As a best practice, we recommend doing this once a month, especially during seasons of peak usage like winter and summer. A dirty filter makes your system work harder to keep you warm and decreases air flow, which wastes energy, and ultimately ends up costing you more money. It also allows dust and dirt into your house which could affect your allergies, not to mention make you have to dust more often!

  • Review Your Thermostat Settings

As you notice the days getting cooler, take a look at what you have your thermostat set at. Make sure it’s at a comfortable setting for you when you’re home, but set so that it doesn’t run as often when you’re not at home. Resist the temptation to turn your thermostat off. It will take much longer to warm your home when your entire home is cold. Walls, furniture, clothes etc. will hold the current temperature in the home. Tip: Set the thermostat to the lowest temperature that is still comfortable for you. Each degree over 68 degrees F can add 3% to the amount of energy needed for heating.

  • Schedule Service Maintenance

Maintaining your heating equipment is important because it keeps your system running at peak performance and helps prevent future problems, which usually also lead to unwanted costs. HVAC businesses and contractors get busy during the winter, so get ahead of the game and schedule your service at the beginning of fall before everyone else.

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Julie from Ottawa Says

Impressive Climate Control came to my house within a week of me asking for a gas fireplace inspection. This is our first winter in this house and I had never had a gas fireplace before and I have always been somewhat afraid of gas. The inspection and repairs were done. We got information of what to do at what time of the year and how to clean the glass. I was reassured about the safety of a gas fireplace. I could not be more satisfied.

This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.

Sophie P. from Ottawa Says

did a great job cleaning my air conditioner and explained the importance of changing the air filter regularly

Isadora B. from Ottawa says

We are quite happy with Impressive Climate Control services. They have been available pretty much 24/7, when we had a malfunctioning furnace, and resolved the issues quickly. Would definitely recommend this business.

Joseph K. from Ottawa says

We considered ourselves very lucky to have done business with Impressive Climate Control & would do so again in a heartbeat , the personalized service & continued assistance with questions and inquiries after the sale was fantastic , A+ service , thank you again ******************

Juba B. from Ottawa says

Great and fast service. All people with whom I spoke on the phone were direct and knew what they were talking about. Again great experience !

Kendra from Ottawa says

Staff at Impressive was very helpful and knowledgeable. He had our gas insert installed and the stonework done within 6 weeks. Great job and competitive pricing. Thanks a lot Impressive.

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