Montigo H34VFO Outdoor Ventless Gas Fireplace


Montigo H34VO Outdoor Ventless Fireplace


The H34 Ventless Outdoor – an indoor classic, elegantly adapted for the outdoors. The H34 outdoor fireplace is characterized by a classic square viewing area and 304 stainless steel firebox to withstand the elements. Rock or tile can be installed over the firebox frame for a clean finish look.

The Montigo H34VFO Ventless Outdoor Gas Fireplace comes standard with a 26,000 BTU traditional burner, a snap-lock door for easy access to the firebox, tempered glass, and a fiber log set. Customize the interior look of the firebox with various brick liners or mirrored panels. Rock or tile can be installed over the firebox frame to create a clean look that transitions smoothly from fireplace to hearth.


  • 26,000 BTU traditional burner
  • Fiber log set
  • Choice of Standing Pilot or Hot Surface Ignition
  • Snap-lock door for access to the firebox
  • Optional Wrought Iron Grate

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