Fireplace Sales

Get Your Hot Winter Rebate!

Up To $600 Off
January 9th – February 23rd, 2015

What is the promotion?

Purchase a qualifying Regency Fireplace product from a participating Regency dealer between January 9, 2014 and February 23, 2014 and receive half the discount as an instant in-store rebate and half as a manufacturer’s mail-in rebate on listed products.

Download your exclusive web coupon with rebate claim instructions.

SAVE $600

SAVE $300

$300 instant store rebate +
$300 mail-in rebate from Regency
$150 instant store rebate +
$150 mail-in rebate from Regency
HZ40E, HZ42STE, HZ54E, HZO42 & F5100 B36XTCE, B41XTCE, B41XTE, F3500, FP90 (R90 & EX90), HZ30E,
HZ965E, L965E, P121, P131 & P90

SAVE $200

SAVE $100

$100 instant store rebate +
$100 mail-in rebate from Regency
$50 instant store rebate +
$50 mail-in rebate from Regency
B36XTE, C34, CS2400, CI2600, E21, E33, F2400, F3100, GC60, GF55, GFI55, HZI234E, HRI4E, HRI6E, HZI390PB, HZI540PB, HI400, I2400, I3100, L234, LRI4E, LRI6E L390PB, L540PB, P36D, S2400, U32, U32E, U38 & U39 CI1200, CI1250, CS1200, F1100, GCI60, H15, H200, H27, H300, H35, HI200, HI300, , H2100, HZ33CE, HZI390EB, HZI540EB, I1200, L390EB, L540EB, U31, P33, P33CE, P33E, P36 & P36E

Our prestigious fireplace showroom is located at 107 Colonnade Road North in the Nepean area. We have over 30 gas fireplaces burning in action and now is the best time to take advantage of our gas fireplace sales from Regency brand.

Visit Impressive Climate Control’s Fireplace Showroom today for full details on Regency’s hot winter fireplace sales and find many Regency gas fireplaces burning in action. Our friendly staff are fully trained and qualified to guide you through different gas fireplaces and help you find the most suitable one for your home.

Visit our fireplace store today or contact us to get more information.

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